Left & Right in the Church; Need to Restore Morality & Virtue 5.31.19

  • George Weigel: Pope John Paul II boldly challenged tyranny at the UN, played pivotal role in the collapse of European communism, was not a political ‘moderate’; Consider Veritatis Splendor andEvangelium Vitae; look for “collegiality,” “synodality,” simple honesty.
  • Widespread support for infanticide, disguised as “women’s health”; fascination with socialism in segment of American politics; disdain for conscience rights; grave moral obligation to reverse the abortion license.
  • Sam Guzman: ‘The Catholic Gentleman: Living Authentic Manhood Today’; attacks on true masculinity has wrecked our culture; how to counter ‘toxic masculinity’ culture?
  • How to be a man and lead with politeness instead of power?; virtuous manhood, value of tradition, purpose of courtesy, real holiness in the spiritual life.