St. Joseph’s Workshop with Fr. Matthew Spencer May, 30 2019

Father talks about the story of Saint Joseph Morello. We have many letters from Saint Joseph Morello.  from when he was very young and also in his older years. Father likes to look at the progression through his letters. He learned by measured practice.


Father was at the first walk for life in San Francisco in 2004. It took opened up the walkers to much more protest. As a seminarian it seemed like the protesters outnumbered the walkers by a lot. He shares the reality of the event. Saint Joseph Morello got typhoid fever Father shares qualities he saw in Saint Joseph Morello through this time.


Father takes a look of an article from wired how “twitter became my sacred space”. She talks about her experience with twitter after she had an encounter with her oldest son. She came to the realization she did not have a community to process life with and her twitter and social media had become that connection for her. It was a reminder how emotionally dependent she was on social media.