The Equality Act/PA Cong Sims berates pro-life woman

  • Hour 1 of 5-7-19
  • Have you heard about the Equality Act? Some politicians like Speaker Nancy Pelosi are trying to make this look like positive legislation, but the truth is that if it moves forward, it could be very bad for your religious freedom. This would force you to violate your convictions and support same-sex marriage, trans-sexuality, and other immoral issues. If you were a cake baker, they would say you ‘have’ to bake a cake for a same-sex married couple. Mary FioRito provides more important information on this.
  • Did you hear about the Penn. State Rep. named Brian Sims who verbally attacked some teen girls and a middle aged woman who were praying outside an abortion clinic? He called the woman racist and told her she should be ashamed. All she was doing was praying the Rosary and remaining silent the entire time. Yet he continued to get in her way and give her a hard time. This has caused an uproar and many pro-lifers are speaking up against it. One woman who works in pro-life ministry nearby the clinic in Pennsylvania joins Drew to talk about this harassment.  Her name is Dr. Monique Ruberu, and she provides perspective.