The Patrick Madrid Show: May 1, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Student carries out deadly shooting at University of North Carolina Charlotte
  • 13 Reasons Why and suicide increase
  • Caller: Maree has a new priest at her parish and he is making a lot of changes the parishioners don’t like. What can she do? It’s hard to get to know him
  • Caller: L.M. is going through a divorce right now from his civil marriage and he asks if he can receive Holy Communion or not
  • Caller: Janice passionately believes there are too many guns on the street and Patrick somewhat disagrees
  • Caller: Ron discusses the show 13 Reasons Why and suggests parents should watch it. He has experienced a depressed state and understands how it could push a teen over edge
  • Caller: Melinda compliments Patrick on his patience and meekness with callers