The Patrick Madrid Show: May 2, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Patrick discusses how the writings of the early church points to Catholicism
  • Caller: Don asks for clarification on the Divine Mercy Sunday indulgence
  • Caller: Jason asks for explanation on Matt 16:18 when it says the gates of Hell will not prevail
  • Caller: Jordan is a young adult and asks for suggestions on how to get involved in the faith with a young adult group. Kaylyn shares some ideas based on her own experience
  • Caller: Kathy has a Relevant Radio bumper sticker and shares a story of someone who tuned in
  • Listener email: Jana wants to remind listeners that there will be a 3D ultrasound on the big screen in New York
  • Caller: Steve asks if Patrick has read the open letter to the bishops regarding Pope Francis and heresy