The Patrick Madrid Show: May 6, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Kevin asks why Protestant Bibles have less books than Catholic Bibles. Why did they omit certain books?
  • Caller: John? shares something he read about judgment day that made him fall in love with Jesus’ mercy
  • Caller: Kim got a palm reading and then she went to a prayer group and when they prayed over her she felt something literally pulled out of her
  • Analysis of the terminology used to describe the bombings at Sri Lanka by Obama and Clinton compared to their comments on New Zealand’s attack
  • Caller asks about a situation where an unwed woman had a child and now got married and wants the child baptized
  • Caller: Nicole has a neighbor with 13 kids and she discusses their issues by name on her YouTube channel. In a recent video, she publicly and falsely identified Nicole’s son as a friend who is being a bad influence