The problem with Socialism

  • Hour 1 of 5-2-19
  • It is concerning to see the events in Venezuela. Drew and Jim Roberts update you on the latest. Those who are fighting for independence from the tyrannic and socialistic rule of Maduro are trying to successfully restore President Juan Guaido to his proper role in leadership. Now, there may not be enough military defense to keep Maduro away, so it is unknown if this will be successful. The fangs of socialism have been on display as it has shown its true evil face, resulting in massive poverty and rioting in the streets.
  • But some in the US don’t seem to be swayed by the root problems of socialism, and they want America to become socialist. Will this happen if Bernie Sanders becomes president? They claim to want free schooling, but won’t this lead the US to the same problem Venezuelans are facing? Servant of God Maria Esperanza said that “it would start in Venezuela.” She accurately predicted the events of 911, so could she be correct about this prophecy as well? President Trump says that America will never embrace socialism, but what would happen if this country does? Jay Richards stops by to discuss this possibility. He explains where the Catholic church stands on socialism and capitalism.
  • Ed Condon shares the reasons that some top theologians and Catholic leadership have accused Pope Francis of heresy. He says that it was about a 20 page letter and focused on too many silly and unrelated issues, which does affect the credibility of the claim. Why would people say this about our Holy Father, and is any of this justified? Did they handle it the right way or go too far? They get into this and more.