4 years after the redefinition of marriage

  • Hour 3 of 6-26-19
  • It was 4 years ago today that the Supreme Court decided that they should be able to redefine marriage. As Catholics, we hold true to the fact that marriage can never be between two people of the same gender, because marriage must always result in life. The Obergefell decision has had such an impact on religious freedom as well, and will we continue to see more people forced to violate their conscience? Prof. Matthew Franck reflects on these questions, and whether this terrible decision will ever be overturned.
  • Dr. John Bruchalski is a OBGYN doctor who joins Wendy to talk about the immorality of IVF. He explains that all life is precious, and to harvest cells and throw some out because they are not “good enough to use” is a violation of life. However, he has had a conversion on this issue, and admits to performing many abortions. He gives a caller name Joanne hope that even though she had a baby through IVF, there is always forgiveness and grace.