Abortion Debate Gives Us Chance to Inform Public, Save Lives, Build Families 6.11.19

  • Kathryn Jean Lopez: What we’ve learned in the decades since Roe should change everything; how to work together with ‘pro-choice’ people to make abortion implausible; how Catholics in media best witness to grace, human dignity, & promote unity, common good.
  • Lisa Wheeler: We’ve forgotten how to love; children aborted or in foster care aren’t unwanted, we need to match them to families eager to love them; we need to show mothers and children unconditional love and charity; reaching hearts and minds through film, story, apostolates of mercy.
  • Every time Lisa & her husband foster they reach out in prayer…fostering is the deepest form of parenting. The the root of many problems is a failure to love.
  • Caller, Brenda: When a couple wants to adopt a child, what is the likelihood that the child will be taken and given back to their parents?