Bishop Paprocki Applies Canon Law to Pro-Abortion Lawmakers; Pro-Life Women Engage; Hyde Amendment Saves Lives 6.6.19

  • Bishop Thomas Paprocki: ‘Illinois Catholic lawmakers who promoted or voted for extreme abortion legislation are not to receive Communion’; Bishop’s decree cites Code of Canon Law; ‘hope and prayer is that lawmakers reconcile themselves to the Church’
  • One of the goals of this decree is to provide a clear statement of the church’s stance born out of concern for the salvation of the souls of those involved.
  • Mary-Louise Hengesbaugh: Illinois Citizens for Ethics; ‘Girls’ Health First’ initiative; how best to inform and involve citizens in engaging political process to make moral law and social policy.
  • Michael New: Candidate Joe Biden’s changing position on the Hyde Amendment; reversed support, now reverses back; currently the only Democrat in the race who claims to support the Hyde Amendment, no taxpayer funding for abortion. Hyde Amendment saves lives.