Catholic Educators, Politicians Who Back Abortion as ‘Right’ Ignore Pro-Life Voters’ 6.17.19

  • Fr. Wilson Miscamble: ‘American Priest’, conflicted legacy of Notre Dame’s Fr. Theodore Hesburgh; Land O’Lakes Statement as Catholic educators’ ‘declaration of independence’ from Church authorities, they wanted no Vatican interference; NY Gov. Mario Cuomo’s ND speech defending ‘personally opposed, but…’ position on abortion gave cover to Catholic politicians.
  • Cardinal O’Connor saw the weakness of Cuomo’s position, but his opinion was mad known too late.
  • Brian Burch: Catholic Vote update on 2020 elections, Democrats ‘all in’ for abortion, Biden’s reversals on Hyde Amendment signal abortion support; states with anti-life bills, laws, policies out of touch with Catholic voters’ concerns; religious freedom under greater threat; grassroots involvement in political process now critically important.
  • Backlash on the issue of life will be obvious at next election.