Chaplet/Divine Mercy miracles

  • Hour 2 of 6-14-19
  • Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy, and listen to a woman who calls in and says she can’t forgive herself for past infidelity. She tells Drew that no matter how much she tries to tell herself that she is forgiven, the shame haunts her. Lift this beautiful prayer of mercy up for her, as well as for those who need to know God’s love for them.
  • Drew shares a powerful story of God’s providence and protection. The story is called ‘The Divine Mercy Dresser.” How has God answered your prayer? Has the Chaplet helped to bring about a miracle? Drew takes your calls, and talks to a Mary from IL who wonders why God hasn’t given her a spouse or kids yet. He encourages her to continue trusting, and to be open to any vocation He puts before her.