Chaplet/Hyde Amendment

  • Hour 2 of 6-6-19
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  • Drew mentions Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Springfield, IL, who has taken a brave stand. He has made the decision to ban pro-abortion politicians from receiving communion. Some legislators in IL have not stood for the culture of life, and Bishop is making the point clear that you cannot be a true Catholic if you are pro-choice. Please pray for Bishop Paprocki to continue being a courageous and faithful shepherd of the Church.
  • Dr. Paul Kengor expresses disgust with the extreme, pro-abortion candidates in the Democratic party who are fighting to repeal the Hyde Amendment, which prevents federal funding of abortion. Joe Biden has been attacked by other candidates like Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Cory Booker for saying that the amendment should stay in place, unless Roe v Wade is overturned. What is Biden’s stance on abortion as a whole? Well, not good. He says abortion should be legal, but the fact that he claims to be Catholic should be reason enough to pray for his conversion.