Chaplet/Too many big homes

  • Hour 2 of 6-24-19
  • Chaplet of Divine Mercy. Drew will return next week to host a live Chaplet, but for now, you can send your prayer intentions to You can also share your request on Facebook or Twitter. @drewmarianishow or
  • Wendy and Jake discuss today’s Gospel reading from Luke, on this feast day of the Nativity of John the Baptist. In this passage we witnessed how Zachariah was healed when he asserted that his son would be named John, not Zachariah. Jake explains how this passage can teach us that when other people try to “name” us with false identities, we can remind ourselves that our true name and worth is rooted in being a child of God. Not our success, shame, mistakes, sin, or what people say about us. When we claim our identity in Christ, we too, can be healed as was Zachariah.
  • Wendy Wilmowski discusses the phenomenon of too many big homes being on the market. Is this trend reflective of our society being materialistic and focused on the wrong things in life? Are baby boomers searching for empty sources of happiness, and not being fulfilled by their quest for meaning and worth? Wendy shares what she has found and more.