Chaplet/Woman forced to have abortion

  • Hour 2 of 6-21-19
  • Pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. You can send us your request on twitter –
  • Ed and Jake are heated about this story! A woman in Britain who is deemed to be mentally disabled is pregnant with a baby at 22 weeks, but is being forced to abort the child. Her mother is also protesting this government imposed mandate. So much for choice, right? This is a clear example of state control trying to impose monopoly over individual liberties, and is a scary, bleak sign of what could be happening in our country.
  • Ann Noonan talks about the protests in Hong Kong. The BBC reports that “thousands have surrounded police headquarters.” The BBC goes on to report this: “Thousands of people in Hong Kong have surrounded police headquarters, calling for an extradition bill to be scrapped. Police have asked the protesters to withdraw peacefully, saying their presence would “seriously affect” emergency services. Millions of people have marched against the bill in recent weeks, with violent clashes breaking out with police. The bill, which allows extradition to mainland China, has already been suspended. Critics say it would erode the judicial independence of Hong Kong.”