Christians Have to Change Course or Lose Rights & Institutions; Health Care Must Be Transparent, Accountable 6.25.19

  • Rod Dreher: ‘The Benedict and Other Options for Facing the World, the Flesh & the Devil’; Christians engaging creative ways to face and handle the challenges and threats to people of faith; new book on ‘soft totalitarianism’, what we can learn from former Eastern European dissidents.
  • Christians have to see themselves as counter culture; St. Benedict’s ‘Rule of Habit’: everything we do has to be pulling us closer to God.
  • Bradley Hahn: What ‘Medicare for All’ would look like and mean to America’s healthcare system; new bills, legislation, Executive Order on drug and health care transparency; options for Christians to lower medical bills and know their health care dollars are used ethically.
  • Amidst today’s constant assault on doctors, faithful Catholic physicians are no longer going to be able to get insurance. Caller, Lloyd asks how Solidarity Health Share would be affected by use of Medicare