Conflict with Iran

  • Hour 1 of 6-20-19
  • Breaking news about a US drone that was shot down by Iran. President Trump has said that they made a “big mistake,” but has not given any specific indication that he wants to go to war. He has told reporters that he will continue to move forward and will make the appropriate decision. Sen Lindsey Graham said that the US could easily take down Iran if they did go to war. Michael Rubin gives insight and his take on this urgent situation.
  • A religious freedom win! SCOTUS has ruled that a cross Maryland in can remain standing, despite objections to have it removed. Objectors have wanted a separation of church and state, but the high court said that this will not apply. The Supreme Court members who wanted the cross to be removed were Justices Ginsburg and Sotomayor; Joe Davis gives analysis on this case, and says that the dissenters have given into a humanistic worldview.
  • The HPV vaccine has always caused controversy. Those who are proponents say that it is essential to prevent cervical cancer. Should kids be given this vaccine? Is it harmful? Drew offers perspective and explains why it is “on trial.”
  • Taylor Swift released a new song called “You Need to Calm Down.” It is targeted towards Christians and those who uphold a biblical worldview of marriage. She angrily characterizes these people in the music video as “backwards, illiterate, and uneducated.” Why are we seeing such a push for the LGBT agenda, and how should we as Catholics respond? Drew, Nick, and Jake offer their perspective.