• The Church’s sex abuse scandal has rocked many in the faith. How are you dealing with it? Do you think enough is being done to root out the evil in the Church? Let’s pray for the bishops, priests, and our Holy Father, who are working to restore purity into the Church. Dr. Francesco Cesareo and Stephen White reflect on the new policies and improvements being made to deal with the abuse.
  • On this 75th anniversary of D-DAY, we remember the brave soldiers who stormed the Normandy shores and protected our freedoms in America. The president made a wonderful speech this morning at the site of D-DAY, and Steve Ray shared his thoughts live from Normandy on Morning Air. Dr. James Carafano joins Drew to reflect on this important historical day, and he addresses how this day helped to end the war. You can watch a wonderful tribute done by CatholicVote.
  • What’s the true relationship between Russia’ Putin and China’s Xi Jinping? Are they in it together and close ‘buds?” Should we as Americans be concerned about a deepening unity between Russia and China? Leon Aron joins Drew to talk about this; you can read his column.