Democratic debate

  • Hour 1 of 6-28-19
  • A recap of the Democratic debate with David Carlin. He was a devoted Democrat in his early years, but laments at how pro-abortion these candidates have become. Sen Kamala Harris seemed to gain the upper hand against VP Joe Biden, after practically accusing him of being a racist. Sen Bernie Sanders, Sen Gillebrand, and all the others have pledged their relentless support for abortion on demand, which would be included in their medicare for all plan. Even Mayor Pete Buttigieg, a professed Christian, had scathing words for the Christian right accusing them of being hypocrites for their stance on immigration. Yet he too supports abortion. It’s going to be an interesting ride. Are you ready for the 2020 race?
  • MTV and other secular media outlets have done much to advance the LGBT agenda. MTV even features a new game show called ‘Are You the One,’ revolving around transgenders now! What the secular, progressive media doesn’t seem to consider is that those who are identifying as LGBTQ have often been severely wounded in their lives, and Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse explains that this is their way of coping. Some have even been abused! Jamie Shupe used to identify himself as part of the community, but is speaking out against it now. Read here.