Democrats and abortion

  • Hour 1 of 6-27-19
  • Have you gotten many robocalls? Do you feel tricked when you think someone is calling you but it is just a scam call? Maureen Mahoney talks about how the FCC says that telecoms can now block robocalls. Tufts Hospital in Boston has experienced a serious problem, in which patients are now receiving countless robocall scams, up to 4,500 altogether! What can be done about this, and did someone truly get a robocall from themselves? Drew digs into this and more.
  • Jeannie French is a pro-life Democrat. She shares her reasons for staying in the party, despite having extreme objections to abortion and the party’s ties to Planned Parenthood. Do you agree with where she stands? Do you think she should leave, or continue fighting from within? She tells Drew that she cannot find it within her to leave the party due to agreeing with some of the Democratic policies. However, she assures listeners that if a candidate is pro-choice, she will not vote for them. Drew takes a call from Mary who makes the case that she should have no business staying in the party, due to the non negotiable issues like life and marriage.