Democrats Target Hyde Amendment; States Target Little Sisters of the Poor; News Wrapup 6.7.19

  • Cong. Marilyn Musgrave: Joe Biden reverses position on Hyde Amendment again, opposing it 48 hours after supporting it; most American’s don’t want taxpayer dollars to pay for abortion; longstanding, bipartisan Hyde Amendment being targeted by Democratic Party.
  • Diana Verm: Little Sisters of the Poor being challenged in courts by 14 states, after winning at the Supreme Court; states trying to force Catholic nuns to violate their faith, provide abortion pill in their health care.
  • Ed Morrissey: This week in the news; top stories, issues nationally and globally; what should be in the news that isn’t getting covered.
  • If elected officials want to have a debate over the Hyde Amendment, they should have it now, while they are in office.