Eucharistic miracles

  • Hour 3 of 6-20-19
  • Bishop Robert Barron gives a profound and insightful commentary on the Eucharist and why we believe Jesus is truly present! Watch here.  Share with a loved one who might be struggling to believe in the Real Presence. We see evidence over and over again that Jesus speaks life through His words, as Bishop Barron explains. When He says ‘This is My Body;” the bread becomes truly Him. This is not just a symbol!
  • Drew shares a story of when he saw a Eucharistic miracle happen in Betania, Venezuela. You can learn more about this miraculous event here. Drew also shares a story of some dogs who were working with security guards, and ended up barking when they thought they came across a human person. What the dogs didn’t realize, was that they were barking at a monstrance which contained the Blessed Sacrament. Drew explains that sometimes Jesus allows these miracles to happen so that we could come to encounter the truth of the Eucharist, that He is truly there.
  • Fr. John Clote speaks to Drew about a Eucharistic miracle that he witnessed. He laments that even though these miracles happen, some still choose not to believe. We need to make time to visit the Blessed Sacrament as often as we can, so that we don’t take for granted this amazing gift we have. If we can, we should go every day for a quick visit!