Finance Friday

  • Hour 3 of 6-7-19
  • Peter Grandich updates you on the markets and gives a realistic picture of how the economy is doing. He says that while it may seem as if the future is hopeful, the debt clock is still ticking, and the country is getting deeper and deeper into it. We can’t rely on another bull market, he claims. Get his whole take for Finance Friday, and find out more.
  • Happy Hour with Drew, Wendy, Patrick, and Jake. They talk about James Holzhauer of Jeopardy fame, who had a victorious winning streak this past month, after losing this week to Emma Boettcher of Chicago. What were some of the Bible questions that were asked? Patrick quizzes the team on these questions, including what a “sheckel” is.
  • Also, what is proper modesty at church? Is it OK to wear a sports jersey? A priest, Fr. Cusick, came under fire on Twitter for saying that a woman was dressing immodestly for not covering her shoulders. How far is too far? to share your thoughts.