Finance Friday with Peter Grandich

  • Hour 3 of 6-21-19
  • Are you keeping a close eye on the markets? What about the trade war with China? Despite reports that that stocks have dipped up a bit, Peter Grandich is still not completely optimistic about the future. For Finance Friday, he gives his takes on buying gold, precious metals, the federal reserve, and the president’s impact on the general markets. You can check out Peter’s website here.
  • Going to the movies? Conservative movie commentator Christian Toto gives his review of Toy Story 4, and says that he appreciates Pixar giving us a fresh, enjoyable, and well thought out addition to this popular movie franchise. He laments that so many movies like Pet Semetary are just stale remakes and not offering anything new. Ed Morrissey talks to Christian about these movies and more, and admits to Toto that there is one popular movie he has never seen!