Forbidding Catholic pro-abortion politicians from receiving Communion

  • Hour 1 of 6-7-19
  • Bishop Thomas Paprocki took a brave stand in his diocese of Springfield, IL. He has said politicians like Mike Madigan cannot present themselves for communion because of their support of the extreme abortion law passed in Illinois, which many say is worse than the one passed in New York. He cites certain cannons of the church, like Canon 915. (Read here.) He prays for their conversion, but remains firm in his commitment to uphold the beauty, truth, and sanctity of the teachings of the Eucharist. No Catholic can receive communion if in mortal sin.
  • The president has imposed tariffs on Mexico because he hopes it will help to limit the immigration pouring into the US illegally. Putin, however, has denounced the president’s use of trade war, and says it will only end badly. Is the president going too far with tariffs? Claude Barfield says yes, and explains towards the end of the hour.