Go Ask Your Father June 17th – What is Your Anthropology?

Do you know what your anthropology is? How do you find out what it is? Msgr. Swetland shares with you the importance of knowing your own anthropology.


Caller Question – Her great grandson is not baptized and the parents are refusing to baptize the child, what can she do?

Caller Question – Her grandson was miscarried overseas, and the baby was buried overseas. Can they bring the child home to be buried in the states?

Caller Question – Her grown children have left the Church, how can she get them to come back to the faith?

Catechetical Corner – The Stages of Revelation.

Caller Question – Does God want to share his divinity with us?

Caller Question – Jesus was a Jew, so if he was a Jew, why do Jews not accept Him as their savior?