Go Ask Your Father June 19th – Is Marijuana Moral?

Is the use of Marijuana moral? Does it all depend on legality? Msgr. Swetland gives you his thoughts.


Caller Question – If you use marijuana legally and in moderation, is that okay then?

Caller Question – She is divorced and annulled. Her daughter is wondering if it is morally okay for her parents to date other people?

Caller Question – How can she explain repetitive prayer to friends who aren’t Catholic?

Caller Question – How do you offer up suffering?

Caller Question – Labor union at his job supports the pro-choice movement. How can he voice his concerns about this?

Caller Question – Can you have a devotion to God the Father?

Catechetical Corner – The Decent of The Holy Spirit.

Caller Question – How are we to trust the ages of people in the Old Testament?