Go Ask Your Father June 6th – Canon 915

Do you know what Canon Law 915 says? It discusses the discipline regarding the denial of Holy Communion to those obstinately persevering in manifest grave sin. Bishop Thomas Paprocki of Illinois has used this law denying communion to Catholic leaders in Illinois who voted for the passing of the abortion bill in his state. Msgr. fills you in on this sad story.


Caller Question – Is there a situation that would prevent a person from going to confession?

Caller Question – She had a strange experience with confession and is unsure if she can go to communion.

Caller Question – When did we get the terms mortal and venial sins?

Caller Question – Are parishes notified if a person is barred from receiving communion?

Caller Question – How late can you get to Mass and still receive communion?

Catechetical Corner – The Social Duty of Religion

Caller Question – Regarding Bishop Paprocki’s communion ban, is that something that sent out to parishes in the diocese?