Greatest Good & Joy is Serving Others; How to Measure Success; Christians Building Culture 6.14.19

  • Luke Mickelson: ‘Sleep in Heavenly Peace’, organization that builds bunk beds for children and families in need; “No kid sleeps on the floor in my town”; serving others changes your life; “you want real joy, stop looking at yourself and see how you can help someone else”
  • True joy:  when you stop thinking about yourself, and help someone else.
  • Msgr. Stuart Swetland: College commencement season should challenge graduates to use knowledge, skills & abilities to serve others; what’s the true measure of success?; how do we break through barriers between groups and unify people?
  • Congregation for Catholic Education document gives good direction; the title itself is a shot across the bow towards those who would deny it – Male and Female he Created them.