Immigration debate

  • Hour 1 of 6-26-19
  • As a Catholic, how should we view immigration? Do you think that we need to control our border, or should we be allowing everyone to come in? Should the migrants be held in detention camps? Maybe we need to reflect and try to see this issue as balanced as we can, without looking at extremes. Fr. Thomas Betz sees this from a Catholic mindset, and he gives his insight. You can read his USCCB commentary here.
  • Are you concerned about war with Iran? President Trump decided not to send an attack this past week, and many are applauding him for his temperance. Iran claims they will not have a nuclear bomb, but they are increasingly more and more aggressive against the US. The president is waiting to see what they do to determine next steps. He is one of the first presidents to fire back at them verbally and not back down, as stated by Dr. Daniel Kempton. He speaks to Wendy about what might happen next, and what led up to Iran’s evil regime.