Iran says they will break the 2015 agreement

  • Hour 1 of 6-17-19
  • Did you hear about the South American power outage? The AP reports that people in Argentina, Paraguay, and Uruguay were affected, due to problems with their power grid. Whether or not this was an intentional attack remains to be seen, as reported in this article. Is the US power grid at risk, too? Tommy Waller provides his perspective.
  • The president made the controversial decision to leave the Iran nuclear deal a year ago. This deal was made by former President Obama, but tossed out the window in this administration. With heightened sanctions imposed on Iran, concerns are mounting as Iran has now said they will break off from the 2015 agreement, while increasing amounts of uranium, which are more than are actually allowed in the deal. Is the US more at risk now? Dakota Wood provides insight.
  • Research is showing that those who use the abortion pill called RU-486 are more at risk of having depression. This test was done on rats first, and it is a study worth taking seriously. Dr. Stephen Sammut shares what he knows.
  • Joe Biden, a professed ‘Catholic’, has not taken a stand against the evils of abortion. In fact, he has flip flopped and now says that the Hyde Amendment should be repealed. This would allow the government to fund abortions. He has clearly become more extreme on the issue; he used to say back in 2006 that abortion should be ‘safe, legal, and rare.’ You can watch what he says here.