Men Can’t Stay Silent on Abortion; Democratic Debate Features; Supreme Court Rulings 6.27.19

  • Jason Jones: ‘Men can’t stay silent as our children get aborted’; ‘men not advancing rights of women, they’re washing their hands of them’; protect woman and child; Democratic debates show abortion extremism but passion for protecting migrant children; no logic, all politics.
  • Often, men feel bullied into abortions; men have something important to say.
  • Msgr. Stuart Swetland: Supreme Court rulings on citizenship question in census, partisan gerrymandering in drawing district lines; top issues in Democratic debates, what candidates revealed, how to view debates; immigration crisis & abortion extremism; must respect human dignity in everything.
  • Start with the premise of trying to serve the common good – it’s not who wins, it’s about the common good.  Each migrant family is an opportunity for us to see the Holy Family.