My Little Pony goes in for LGBT agenda for little kids

  • Hour 3 of 6-17-19
  • Remember us talking about Arthur featuring an LGBT agenda last month? Now, a kids show on Discovery Family called My Little Pony will feature this agenda as well. Kids are being indoctrinated with this movement, and being convinced that marriage does not have to be only between a man and a woman. Parents are being stripped of their role as being teachers in the home. Mary FioRito talks to Drew about what you can do as a mom or dad.
  • Benjamin Zycher talks to Drew about carbon trading and taxation. With advocates of global warming saying that the world could be ruined by 2050, should we be taking this seriously, and be doing something about it? Or do you think this is a politicized issue? You can weigh in with your thoughts by emailing Drew – You can read Benjamin’s writing here.