Rachel Campos-Duffy on work/life balance

  • Hour 1 of 6-25-19
  • Kristina Arriaga and Hilary Byrnes update you on the religious freedom front. The State Department released a report on the religious freedom trajectory throughout the entire world. You can read here. Both guests applaud the Trump administration for making serious strides and positive steps towards building a culture in our nation that protects and defends religious liberty. We are in the midst of Religious Freedom Week right now! Details here.
  • There was a Chicago CEO who recently told his employees that he does not need to know every bit of detail of family responsibility or obligations, and he told them that they are free to leave early if they need to take care of something for their family, and he doesn’t need to know why. This has been received positively, and it has provoked conversation about work/family balance. Rachel Campos-Duffy is no stranger to many, as she is a FOX Nation contributor, a former reality star, wife to a congressman, and a mother of 8 kids. How does she balance it all? She talks to Drew about her work with FOX, family life, and how she is able to keep it all together as a busy mom. She also gives hope and says that she believes the pro-life movement is winning, and that we shouldn’t feel beaten down by the mainstream news bias. She says she is thankful to FOX News for their conservative and pro-life coverage.