Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization

  • Hour 3 of 6-24-19
  • Dr. Samuel Gregg presents his new book called ‘Reason, Faith, and the Struggle for Western Civilization.” It’s a look at how western values have done so much to alienate society from God, and the values to which nations previously followed. Dr. Gregg says all hope is not lost though, and he articulates how he thinks western society can return back to God and traditional thinking. You can access his book here.
  • SCOTUS has ruled that a popular clothing company which wants to use a ‘four letter’ sounding swear word can use this as a name brand. The judges turned down a measure which would have prevented companies from using indecent terms, citing the right to free speech despite companies’ brands being irreverent. Where would we draw the line here? If SCOTUS were to have ruled against this company, would this open up opportunities to disavow the MAGA brand and religious, conservative outlets? Is the fact that the highest court in the nation ruled this way a positive outcome? Wendy speaks to Prof Rick Garnett about this intriguing controversy.