The Divine Plan

  • Hour 1 of 6-14-19
  • Dr. Paul Kengor has a new book called The Divine Plan. It talks about the incredible relationship between JPII and President Ronald Reagan. He also wrote a column lamenting how extreme the Democratic party has gotten on abortion, including a Catholic politician like Joe Biden. He is now in support of stripping away the Hyde Amendment. Why are they getting so extreme, and where is the hope in bringing about a culture of life? You can read it here.
  • Twila Brase discusses the urgency laid out before you if the National Patient ID bill is passed by the House; it would certainly put your privacy at risk. Read more about it here. To learn more, you can call (651) 646-8935 or email
  • This courageous 13 yr old girl took a stand against abortion in her hometown of Raleigh. Have you seen the video? She got sneered and shouted at when she compared this issue to slavery. You can watch the video here.