The new Gallup morality poll

  • Hour 3 of 6-6-19
  • There’s a new Gallup morality poll which surveyed Americans on how they feel on key moral issues. Some are not too much of a surprise, but other key findings are! More than 90% of Americans are OK with birth control, but only about 9% say an affair is ever morally permissible. What about abortion, porn, or using animals for research? You can check out the study on our Facebook page, but listen to Fr. Paul Sullins’ insight. As Catholics, should we be concerned about being headed in the wrong direction?
  • China has been known to shut down their internet, and it’s certainly for political reasons. Yesterday, we remembered the anniversary of the Tienanmen Square massacre, but China’s government has wanted this story forgotten, so they intentionally shut down internet navigation to prevent people from reading about it. Should the American government ever have the right to control internet censorship? Is the internet morally neutral, or is it prone to evil? Dr. Ann Cavoukian answers these questions and more.