The Patrick Madrid Show: June 17, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Deacon John asks for information on the Eucharistic miracle in Buenos Aires
  • Caller: Dave asks about cremation vs. a casket burial to save money
  • Caller: Mary Ellen asks what the third secret of Fatima is
  • Caller: Michael asks about changing the Our Father prayer
  • Caller: Cynthia’s husband died last month and was buried in a Trappist casket that the monks built. They plant a tree in the person’s name too
  • Soundbite: Abortion Backlash: Bishop Paprocki “No Communion for Madigan and Cullerton”
  • Caller: Katie has helped her parents financially for years, but now that she is married, she needs to set boundaries  There is tension between her husband and parents
  • Caller: Lilian asks Patrick’s reaction to Pope Francis washing the feet of Muslims a while back