The Patrick Madrid Show: June 18, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Tracy is struggling with offering up her frustration, or giving it all to Jesus as her priest tells her.
  • Patrick shares a personal story of when he saw God’s will in hindsight, although he was frustrated at the time when he was denied a trip to Japan.
  • Caller: Frank asks if he is allowed to “swear” when he makes an oath, such as in court.
  • Caller: Mark’s friends challenge him on section 640 in the Catechism. They don’t understand when it says God became man so we could become like God
  • Caller: Bill sometimes remembers sins that he didn’t confess at the time. Can he still receive Holy Communion?
  • Soundbite: Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life sits down with her son to explain what happens in a first trimester abortion by demonstrating with a vacuum cleaner
  • Caller: Mary had to quit teaching CCD at church because she taught her class about abortion
  • Caller: Charlie thinks it’s important to consider age and maturity of kids when telling them about abortion because it might not click with them and they’ll be indifferent
  • Caller: Noah asks about Passover and the Eucharist