The Patrick Madrid Show: June 18, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Elizabeth asks why we should cancel her Netflix account because it’s probably a drop in the bucket
  • Caller: Debbie shares how she told her kids she had an abortion
  • Caller: Rick liked the way Kristan Hawkins described abortion to her 10 year old
  • The Long Beach City Council is set to vote today on a measure that would  suspend all official travel and contracts with Alabama and Georgia
  • Caller: Connie shares her experiences decades ago of almost aborting her children, twice. She ended up choosing life both times, but the guilt still bothers her
  • Caller: Greg asks if a lay person can read the Gospel during a Communion service if a priest can’t be there
  • Caller: Billy asks if it is a sin to miss Sunday mass when on a camping trip and away from a church
  • Caller: Jeff is confused that seminaries are now discriminating against gay men. Isn’t this against the law?