The Patrick Madrid Show: June 19, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Kathy’s family member left the Church and became Muslim because he’s marrying a Muslim. She isn’t going to the wedding and family members are giving her a hard time about it
  • Woman who called Patrick last year to say that her son was thinking of becoming Muslim to marry a Muslim, calls back to say he did. They discuss why the sin of apostasy is so serious
  • Caller: Michelle shares a similar story that she had to skip a wedding of a family member who left the Church
  • Caller: Anne comments on the transgender issue
  • Caller: David comments on Kathy’s call and asks how we can approach the situation with kindness
  • Caller: Lynn is considering becoming Catholic because of Patrick’s show
  • Caller: Cindy asks about the dominion of grace over sin with respect to Abraham
  • Caller: Vin asks where we are going with transgender athletes in the future