The Patrick Madrid Show: June 20, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Caller: Ed helps with a prison ministry and the priest told them if they truly believe the Eucharist is Jesus, then they can receive. What if they aren’t Catholic? Is this right?
  • Caller: James asks for a resource on Gospel reflections
  • Caller: Gavin’s daughter was baptized in the Orthodox church while they were living in Romania, which means she also may have had communion on confirmation, but he’s not sure. Should she receive a conditional confirmation in case?
  • Caller: Dawn comments on the universality of the Latin Mass
  • Caller: Jeannette asks how to handle her annoyance, anger at today’s secularists hijacking natural law
  • Gender neutral terms for nonbinary family partners
  • Caller: Elizabeth is evangelical and asks where the Church came up with indulgences