The Patrick Madrid Show: June 25, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Jim asks about the story behind Our Lady of Czestochowa and any related miracles
  • Caller asks about Dr. Taylor Marshall’s new book “Infiltration”
  • Caller: Bill asks why going to Mass is the only acceptable way to properly celebrate the Lord’s Day?
  • Caller: Lynda asks how to discuss homosexuality with others. Is there a gay gene?
  • Caller: Angela asks if Latin or Italian is the official language of the Church
  • Caller: Elizabeth says the issue with many Catholics’ perspectives who don’t want to go to Mass is that the focus is on them instead of on God
  • Caller: Katie asks how she can help “save” her husband based on Ephesians
  • Caller: Steve comments on people not wanting to go to Mass