The Patrick Madrid Show: June 26, 2019 – Hour 2

  • Caller: Gary asks if speeding, tailgating, and throwing trash out the window are all sinful. Gary’s wife asks what happens to murderers’ angels when they die and go to Hell
  • Caller: Catharine asks how to talk to her kids about gay marriage
  • Patrick shares a personal story of his gay friend inviting him to a pride picnic
  • Caller: Jorge asks if it is a mortal sin when his son participates in the marital act with his wife because he left the Church and wasn’t married in the Church
  • Caller: Yolanda asks what it means to be a Catholic in 2019. Why do we have to keep going back to the cross if Jesus Christ is risen?
  • Caller: Danielle asks how to discern practicing NFP in a time of financial stress, but not necessarily a crisis