The Patrick Madrid Show: June 27, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Caller: Susan is distressed over her daughter’s decision to have 10 embryos created, but only use 2 of them for in vitro. Can she have them baptized in lab before being destroyed?
  • In Vitro Fertilization is wrong
  • Caller: Jimmy asks Patrick’s opinion on generations and genealogy in the gospels of Luke and Matthew
  • Caller: Melissa asks about the validity of her marriage. They got married as baptized protestants. Now she has converted to Catholicism but not him
  • Caller: Sarah asks what makes in vitro fertilization wrong? Is it still wrong if all embryos are used and not destroyed?
  • Caller: Mike’s brother identifies as Catholic but he got married to a woman whose previous marriage wasn’t annulled. Can they appeal the verdict?
  • Where do babies go who are aborted or miscarried and not baptized?
  • Caller: Lilly asks about her son who was conceived in vitro fertilization but she hasn’t told him yet. How does she explain he is still loved by God even though she went about conception the wrong way

*This encore originally aired on 1/9/19 during hour 3