The Patrick Madrid Show: June 27, 2019 – Hour 3


  • Listener email: Emily mourned for 40 years that her deceased father was given a masonic service instead of a proper funeral
  • Listener email: Jessica asks for a guide for age appropriate religious movies
  • Caller: John discusses differences between surrogacy and a woman who carries her own embryo conceived in vitro
  • Caller: Cheryl attended a Latin mass but didn’t understand anything. She didn’t go to Communion. The priest told her to treat it like adoration.
  • Caller: Marie’s college age son told her he’s going to donate sperm because it pays well and will help infertile couples. Why is this wrong?
  • Caller: Debbie asks if there is a Heaven for animals
  • Caller: Connie likes the various languages of the mass because the mass itself is still the same around the world
  • Caller: Diane asks if it is moral to euthanize a pet

*This encore originally aired on 1/10/19 during hour 2