The Patrick Madrid Show: June 28, 2019 – Hour 1

  • Listener email: Kim has reverted to Catholicism after 20 years in Paganism, the Occult, and New Age movement, but her husband is still deeply involved

  • Caller: Barbara’s daughter just left her marriage after being manipulated and leaving her faith. Now she wants help getting close to God again

  • Caller: Abe’s wife wants a hysterectomy but he feels uneasy. What is his role as her husband if he knows the Church frowns upon this?

  • Listener email: Lilian asks for advice for her 25 year old who rejects the faith. She says her marriage issues have affected him too

  • Caller: Dan asks for help in finding and accessing certain Jesuit archives regarding people like Rose Hawthorne

  • Caller: Richard inquires about eternal life and death (Romans 2:5)

*This encore originally aired on 1/24/19 during hour 1