The Patrick Madrid Show: June 5, 2019 – Hour 1

  • As businesses rush to support abortion, Wendy’s raises funds for adoption
  • Caller: Sarah asks Patrick’s opinion on spending money at businesses that donate to Planned Parenthood. Patrick lists all the companies that do
  • Caller: Jerry saw a Wendy’s commercial where a girl jumps in a fountain to get 50 cents to buy a frosty and he didn’t like that it showcases theft
  • Caller: Sean is a fallen away Catholic and he asks where the graces come from in marriage
  • Cardinal Pell accused of molesting altar boys after catching them drinking wine in the sacristy doesn’t add up in Patrick’s opinion. It’s being appealed today
  • Caller: Angela shares her experience of going to yoga and feeling uneasy during the end of the session when they pray