The Patrick Madrid Show: June 5, 2019 – Hour 2

  • A new study found that drinking even large amounts of coffee won’t stiffen arteries and harm your heart
  • Caller: Andy talks about the liberal media trying to manipulate the statistics on who wants abortion
  • Caller: Sean has bipolar disorder and struggles. He wants to come back in the Church but doesn’t know where to start. Is there a patron saint of mental illness?
  • Caller: Alfonso asks about the religious group la luz del mundo. He also says his church has a cross instead of crucifix
  • Patrick shares that his parents welcomed a special needs child to the family after already having 8 children
  • Caller: Mike is a Protestant but is intrigued by the structure of hierarchy in the Catholic Church. He asks for clarification in the level of autonomy priests have in their own parishes
  • Caller: Laura thinks Patrick didn’t fully answer an earlier caller on why the Catholic Church requires a couple to marry in a church
  • Caller: Kenny asks if the Garden of Eden was actually a physical place somewhere here on Earth