The Patrick Madrid Show: June 6, 2019 – Hour 3

  • Soundbite: PBS documentary on abortion showcases a woman in real time taking an abortion pill and commenting how she is honored to be given the gift of life but can’t accept the responsibility at this time
  • Caller: Tony asks about Jesus in his humanity wanting to be close to God the Father
  • Caller: Joseph leads faith formation at his parish and he finds it troubling because many of the parents of the kids in class don’t even take their children to Sunday mass
  • Caller: Linda asks about the ethics of a scientist who created two identical babies
  • Caller: Patrick asks the difference between sitting in a church praying and adoration
  • Caller: Jesse Romero says God is mentioned 13 times as a noun in the RNC party platform, while God is used as an adjective 3 times in the DNC platform
  • Caller: Christina responds to the audio aired earlier and shares she had an abortion years ago and doesn’t like how pro-choice people describe it as a miscarriage.
  • Caller: Abigail doesn’t like the “shout your abortion” campaign so she responds with “shout your mass”
  • Caller: Joan asks if she can go to her grandchild’s wedding even though he’s marrying a non-Catholic